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Face Mask

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India's No 1 Best Natural Peel Off Mask Contained 80 % Natural Ingredient ,Trusted by Millions of People Worldwide ,Product Manufactured in Maharashtra ( India ) Research and Development Center In Pune ( India ) , Product Formulated By 25 years Experienced Scientists ,Celestial Peel Off is unique benefits are After Application product ingredient will work in your skin 72 Hrs and Repair Skin Layers work as a Collagen booster, also strengthen your skin, product Natural Aroma will give you deep sleep and relaxation in the application time of 20 Minutes. Celestial Peel Off Mask Pack is Contained Powder and Gel , Mix both as a smooth paste in the bowl ,Apply the mask upwards over the face without delay it will start to set within few minutes , cover lips and eyes as well.See Instant Result and Healthy Skin use this Mask once in a week, If you're using continuously 10 to 12 sittings it will reduce 55% of your skin problems in the Face. Ammonia and Paraben free product also FDA certified Mask.

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We specialize in research & development, custom formulation, manufacturing, packaging, and RishiRatna Remedies Pvt Ltd is a one-stop organization in Maharashtra . With more than 30 years experiences, we can facilitate all aspects of your research, development, formulation and manufacturing process.

RishiRatna Remedies Pvt Ltd is the leading formulator and manufacturer of scientifically proven, innovative personal care products. With a focus on facial skin care, body care, hair care, and professional use formulations, we create some of the most cost effective, high quality and powerful products on the market.

RishiRatna Remedies Pvt Ltd  innovative approach to product development and manufacturing has positioned us as the industry leader in the formulation, manufacturing, and filling of skin care products. 

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